Essential oil of rose capturing your inner being and awakening your olfaction

Essential oil of rose capturing your inner being and awakening your olfaction


The reason why you see this beautiful picture above is because I wanted to pick something that was significant of my personal growth emotionally...

It all started when...

One day I used this Young Living essential oil of Rose, very expensive I might add...

Since I've been prone to depression since a very young age, finding this oil and using it was very helpful to manage my emotions in a non-toxic manner. It is very uplifting and no side effects like the medications I used to take years ago.

That said, I am an artist at heart, a communicator, a pursuer of hearts and an empath.

I enjoy my spiritual relationship connection with whom I call "THE FATHER", and I enjoy having musing moments. 

This site is dedicated to THE FATHER whom has helped me change and grow while discovering tools that have been helpful into my transforMEtion.

Prayers, fasting from foods for 40 days, quotes, nature, pictures, family, intimacy with true friends, also pure essential oils to diffuse or use on my skin, all these have been partakers of my coming out of my chrysalis (cocoon). If only it would have happened much earlier in life so I could have tasted the beauties of life at a much younger stage, yet I am thankful that I can still enjoy the metamorphosis and its effects. 

It is never too late to learn, to grow and to have a personal transforMEtion!

Be blessed little pupae, and I pray you grow well!


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